Download Xiaomi Support Tool For PC Updated 2021

The Xiaomi Support Tool Latest 2021 is a small software for Windows PC and laptop. July Charley and Naung Htoo made this program. It helps you to remove or bypass Xiaomi Mi Account. Sometimes, you may face problems while using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If you want to fix this, then, you can use this tool to make it right. Here, in the article, I will talk about how to download and install this software. Also, a small section to highlight how to use this application. And, then followed by the features this tool provides.Xioami Mi All QCn File Download.

Xiaomi Support Tool latest Version2017

How to Download and install Xiaomi Support Tool Latest 2021?

At first, you need to download Xiaomi Support Tool Latest 2017. You can get it from the main website. Also, you can download it from any trusted third-party website. Click on the download option. You will get a WinZip or WinRar file.Xiaomi Mi Bootloader Unlock Tool

Now you have to install it. So to do this, open the folder by right-clicking on file and extract it. After the extraction completes, open the folder. If it is password protected, then you will get the unlock code in a text document. Copy it and paste it if the software asks you to give. Then, go inside the folder and click on the setup file, a window will appear. Since it is an application file, you do not have to install it. You can start using it after the extraction is complete.

How to use Xiaomi Support Tool Latest 2021?

To use Xiaomi Support Tool Latest 2021 Download, you need to open the installed software. You need to run it in an admin mode. Connect your smart device to your computer with the help of a USB cable. You will see a list of features that you can use to solve different handset issues. Go to the Account remove tab. There are two options Remove and Bypass. Scan the smartphone for the option you prefer. Then, select the model number of the phone and then press Do Job. You have now removed or bypassed the Xiaomi account.

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The program does not support all the devices of Xiaomi. Only selective handsets have this privilege. Some of the recommended smartphones are:

  • Xiaomi MI 4C
  • Xiaomi MI MAX (Helium)
  • Xiaomi MI MAX (Hydrogen)
  • Xiaomi MI Note
  • Xiaomi MI Note Pro
  • Xiaomi MI Note 3 Pro
  • Xiaomi MI 5
  • Redmi 3S – 3X
  • Xiaomi MI 4S

Xiaomi Mi support Tool 2017 Download

Note: Remember, to turn off your antivirus as it may interfere with the application. You do not have to backup any data as the all in one tool will do it on behalf of you.

What are the features of Xiaomi Support Tool Latest 2021?

The software consists of different features. Here, is a list of them for you to review.

  • Xiaomi Remove Account.
  • Xiaomi Bypass Account.
  • Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth Fix.
  • Font/ Lock Remover.
  • Xiaomi Firmware Flasher.

Final Words

In short, Xiaomi Support Tool Latest 2017 is vital. It helps you to eliminate Mi Account. Also, it is a firmware flasher. So, if you want to flash your smartphone, then this tool is best for unlocking. The above method is simple. And I explained the process elaborately for better understanding.

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